Virtual Cloud Server

Virtual cloud servers bring with them a wide range of different benefits for businesses that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly easy to ruin the performance of your virtual environment by making just a few basic mistakes. If you’re running into performance issues that you just can’t seem to fix, these simple scenarios may just be the culprits you’ve been looking for.

Mistake #1: Real-Time Scanning in a Virtual Environment

Real-time virus and malware scanning is important, as it clues you into potential issues as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this practice also means that you’re devoting a huge amount of your system’s available resources to the constant scanning of various types of disk files. If you’re including your virtual machine in your real-time scanning scenarios, you’re probably also suffering from major performance issues at the same time.

Mistake #2: Picking the Wrong Hardware

Another mistake that can cause your environment’s performance to suffer involves picking the wrong hardware in the first place. You need to not only consider what your budget will allow you to purchase, but also what type of equipment you need based on exactly what you’re trying to do. Generally speaking, you’ll need no less than four network interface cards on an average to large-sized server. Running fewer will lead to issues with both speed as far as the network is concerned and the overall performance of the sever will be negatively impacted in general.

Note that this particular mistake is one that you’ll only have the ability to make if you’re running all of your equipment in-house. If you’ve paired with a third party provider, they will handle this type of hardware configuration decision for you to guarantee the highest possible performance at all times.

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