Our Difference

Well thought out... the way hosting should be.
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CloudLinux "Segmented" Shared Hosting

With our shared web servers protected by CloudLinux, you don't have to worry about your site not loading because of other tenants. This gives our servers a truly unique stability that most web hosts don't provide. This process both governs MySQL calls, RAM usage and CPU usage.

InterNAP FCP Optimized Network

Our network utilizes an InterNAP FCP to optimize the traffic to our servers for each and every visitor. It monitors our multiple fiber carriers for issues on the Internet that may cause your web site or services not to load as quickly as possible. It will then make recommendations to your visitor's Internet Service Provider to route over one of our other carriers. This hardware is very expensive, which is why most networks don't have them... but we do!


Ksplice Rebootless Kernel Updates

We run Ksplice on all of our servers to instantly patch kernel updates without having to restart our servers. This keeps your data safe and the server secure without sacrificing your uptime. Having your sites and services online is our highest priority. We commonly cringe when we hear our competitors say things like, "this server has been online for 365 days". With at least 90% of the servers around the world not using Ksplice for rebootless kernel updates, that means the kernel on that server has 365 days worth of security holes and instabilities.

Hardware RAID

With our upper management coming from many years in the hosting industry, it is sad to see how many professional-looking hosts don't take the proper precautions to safe guard your data. Our systems are not only backed up nightly, but they are also protected by a hardware RAID constantly mirroring your files onto a second hard drive. This way if the hard drive was to fail, we could simply replace the drive and get you quickly back online!

Zabbix Monitoring

Fully Monitored Network and Services

We monitor all of our shared servers and VPS nodes with the standard monitoring methods: pinging and service port checks. We go above and beyond by using Zabbix to also monitor disk space, RAM usage, RAID health and more.

Adaptive Firewalls

We utilize an adaptive firewall technology on our servers that keep you extra secure. The firewall monitors for threats of multiple kinds and automatically blocks attackers. We actively block hundreds of attacks towards our servers hourly. For larger threats such as DDoS attacks we have network filtering that will stop attacks in their track before they reach the server or node you use on our network.